Plenary 1:

Official Conference Opening: Thinking Bigger

First Nations Welcome
The Honourable Bill Bennett Minister of Energy & Mines
Colleen Giroux-Schmidt Chairman, CEBC Board of Directors & Chair, Generate 2015
Paul Kariya Executive Director, Clean Energy BC

Plenary 2:

New Opportunities for Growth: Thinking Bigger on Load Growth and Electrification

Around much of the world, the conversation regarding load and
increasing market share for renewable energy has focused on existing
electricity uses. As we rapidly evolve into a world where it is imperative
we look at energy holistically, this session will explore how we adapt
our industrial and personal electricity demands to fight climate change
as well as how upcoming large-scale projects in BC could maximize
the use of clean energy.

Lucas de Haro CEO, Sorgent.e Hydro Canada
Don Chandler Governmental Relations Manager, Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA)
Gregory Smith Project Manager, Knight Piésold Ltd.
Richard Harper Senior Manager, Infrastructure and Environment, MMM Group
Brent Gilmour Executive Director, QUEST
Jotham Peters Managing Partner, Navius Research (Invited)

Monday Keynote Luncheon:

Tom Rand: Waking the Frog; Solutions to our Climate Change Paralysis

Plenary 3:

Overview of Canadian Renewable Energy Markets

In markets across the country, the evolution of renewable energy over the past decade has been extraordinary. Installed capacity and production from all renewable technologies have increased substantially and supporting policies have continued to develop encouraging billions of dollars of investments in projects from the Maritimes to British Columbia. The next generation of renewable energy penetration will be influenced by the policy and planning under discussion across the country—Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan review, Saskatchewan’s renewable energy strategy and Alberta’s climate change planning will have dramatic impacts on how much electricity is needed and how its generated over the next decade.

This panel will discuss the current dynamics of the Canadian electricity markets, demand forecasts, supply planning, regional cooperation and the future prospects around further investment and contribution of renewables to provincial electricity systems.

David Timm Vice President, Sussex Strategy Group
Jean-Francois Nolet VP Policy, Canadian Wind Energy Association
Travis Lusney Senior Consultant, Power Advisory LLC
Nicole LeBlanc Alberta System Operator (invited)
Guy Bruce SaskPower (invited)

Plenary 4:

Finding Success in the Standing Offer Program

This session will begin with a one on one conversation between CEBC’s Paul Kariya and BC Hydro’s Janet Fraser on the opportunities and challenges British Columbia's Utility currently faces. Everything from rate regulatory processes to the Standing Offer Program will be discussed. In a year that has seen the first solar project reach commercial operation and three EPAs being awarded to wind projects—all under BC Hydro’s Standing Offer Program— this session will move on to showcase best practices and innovative solutions for projects being successfully developed under the SOP.

Janet Fraser Sr. Vice-President, Energy, Regulatory and Business Planning, BC Hydro

William (Bill) D. Sims AScT, Manager Water Resources, City of Nanaimo
Michel de Spot President and CEO at EcoSmart Foundation Sunmine
Paul Kariya Executive Director, Clean Energy BC
Lucas de Haro CEO, Sorgent.e Hydro Canada Corp.


Plenary 5:

Keynote Address by Canada’s “Man in Motion” Rick Hansen CEO, Rick Hansen Foundation

Plenary 6:

The Resource Roundtable

Social, economic and environmental realities are quickly changing the name of the game when it comes to resource development. Come learn from industry leaders in the forestry, mining, LNG and oil and gas sectors about the challenges and opportunities in their respective industries.

Elaine McKnight Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy & Mines
Karina Briño President and CEO, Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC)
Rick Jeffery President & CEO, Coast Forest Products Association
Lee Coonfer Communications Advisor, Oil Sands, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)

Tuesday Keynote Luncheon:

Thinking Bigger: First Nation Economic Development Opportunities in BC Energy
Featuring Dr. Kim Baird (Ticketed)

Plenary 7:

The Road to Paris: What to Expect From the Paris Climate Conference and What it Means for BC

As the world is focused on the Paris Climate Conference, what does this mean for BC and how does a vibrant and growing clean energy sector help BC remain a climate leader?

Matt Horne Associate Director BC, Pembina Institute

Jennifer Allan University of British Columbia, PhD Candidate; Team Leader/Writer, International Institute for Sustainable Development Reporting Services
Merran Smith Executive Director Clean Energy Canada
Jean-Christophe Fleury Consul General of France in Vancouver
The Honorable Jordan Sturdy Parliamentary Secretary for Energy Literacy and the Environment

Plenary 8:

Think Bigger: Five Minutes of Brilliance

We've lined up 10 unique, unexpected presenters to close out the conference, and we're giving each of them five minutes on stage to share an idea, innovation, or opportunity that could solve one of our industry's—or society's—thorniest challenges. Vote for your favourite in this high-energy, fun session. Your co-hosts: James Glave and Colleen Giroux-Schmidt.

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