Past Conferences


Finding the Balance {October 27-30, 2012 // Hyatt Regency Hotel / Vancouver BC}

Clean Energy BC invites you to join us for our 10th annual conference as we explore “Finding the Balance”. In a time of uncertainty and unprecedented opportunity, BC is poised to become a global leader in energy production, while also successfully implementing a balanced approach that maximizes current opportunities and opportunities for future generations. Join us for an exciting program of diverse speakers. Come to explore the trade show, reconnect with colleagues, and forge new partnerships and relationships.


Clean Energy: Backbone of a Sustainable Economy {September 24-27, 2011 // Hyatt Regency Hotel / Vancouver BC}

Here is the one place where every year you can count on meeting BC’s utilities, government ministry delegates, the Clean Energy sectors’ developers, the commercial and technical supply chains and First Nations attendees for formal short courses, field tours and presentations from experienced speakers. Take in the receptions, the Keynote luncheon speakers and join in the Awards Banquet honoring those who have made positive ‘clean energy differences’ for us all and future generations.

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