Seize the Spotlight at GENERATE 2015 and Share Your Five Minutes of Brilliance

Seize the Spotlight at GENERATE 2015 and Share Your Five Minutes of Brilliance

“Think bigger.” It’s more than the theme of this year’s Clean Energy B.C. conference, it’s a rule of thumb for anyone who wants to move the needle on climate change, diversify the province’s energy economy, and build a successful business or even a whole new movement.

That’s why, to wrap up this year’s GENERATE 2015, we’re doing something different. For the first time we’re handing over the mic to individuals who want to share a transformative and distinctive idea on how to solve the thorniest and most pressing challenges of the industry, or the economy, or our society.

It’s called Five Minutes of Brilliance because that’s how much time you’ll have in the spotlight before the bell rings, so make it count. Go deep on one problem you know how to fix, or pull back the curtain and unveil something amazing you’ve been working on. Run through a few slides, or just use your words. The stage is yours!

We’ll have 10 spaces available, and the audience will vote on their top choice at the end of the program. The most popular entry will go home with a Best of the Brilliant Award. To secure your space, please email a brief proposal, maximum 250 words, outlining what you’d say up there, to

The brilliance starts at 3:15pm on November 3, at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver.

We’ll give a free day pass to that day’s full conference program to those invited to present, if they are not already registered for the conference. We’ll announce the lineup one week before the conference. Thanks and good luck!

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