Press Release For Immediate Release October 26 2015 - Awards Recipients

Press Release

For Immediate Release October 26, 2015

Each year, at its annual GENERATE conference, the Clean Energy Association of British Columbia (CEBC) recognizes a number of individuals and companies that have demonstrated exemplary leadership in British Columbia’s clean energy sector.

We have much to celebrate. Across the past 12 months, the association’s members have collectively commissioned more than $2 billion worth of clean energy power projects – facilities that are keeping the air clean, the grid strong, and providing transformative economic opportunities to First Nations and communities.

On behalf of CEBC and the Association’s board of directors, congratulations to this year’s winners:

Environmental Stewardship & Community Improvement Award: Sts’ailes

Sts’ailes demonstrated unwavering commitment to the restoration of the Harrison sloughs and watershed with the development of the Harrison Salmon Stronghold Initiative. By forging relationships with BC Hydro and Innergex Renewable Energy Inc., the Sts’ailes have protected and restored the Harrison sloughs and watershed.

Project Excellence Award: McLymont Creek Hydroelectric Project (AltaGas & Project Contractors)

Under the leadership of Altagas’ Construction Team, over 20 experienced contractors came together with a recovery plan that optimized the project’s critical path such that it could be commissioned ahead of schedule.


We are bestowing this award jointly with Altagas and the contractors that brought the project into operation:


Andritz Automation Ltd., Burnco Concrete, BV Electric Ltd, Chips Developments, CM Rock Engineering Ltd., Ecofish Rsearch Ltd., FLM Ltd., Formula Contractors Ltd., Gygax Engineering Associates, Golder, Hamel Contracting Inc., J Phoenix EPC Management Group Inc., Jewel Holdings Ltd., Metro Material Testing, Metro Surveys, NexGen, Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, NTC, Peri Scaffolding, Plowe Power, Procon Mining, Struthers, Tahltan Nation Development Corp, TimberWest, Turbine Pros.


Finance Award: Creek Power/Upper Lillooet Hydro Project (Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.)

On March 17, 2015, Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. secured a $491.6M placement of non-recourse construction and term project financing for its Upper Lillooet Hydro Project. The project consists of the 25.3 MW Boulder Creek and the 81.4 MW Upper Lillooet River run-of-river hydroelectric facilities.

The financing of this project is exceptional due to a number of unique characteristics:

  • It is significant. With a 40-year term, the financing totals close to half a billion dollars.
  • To satisfy the investment objectives and constraints of several lenders, the company structured the deal with multiple tranches.
  • By pricing the different tranches with varying durations along the same government bond yield curve, the company reduced the overall interest rate on the total amount of the financing.
  • By attracting several different lenders, the proponent was able to create needed liquidity.

CEBC is pleased to recognize two Outstanding Communities this year.


The District of Tumbler Ridge: During a challenging period in the district’s history, Tumbler Ridge has been highly supportive of Pattern Energy’s Meikle Wind Energy Project, and wind power more broadly. The district hosted job fairs, collaborated on mutually-beneficial projects, and took proactive measures to boost wind development in the region.


The City of Kimberley: The City of Kimberley demonstrated exceptional resilience and collaboration in bringing the SunMine Solar Project to fruition after eight years of development. This is a project of many “firsts”:

  • The first large-scale solar power plant outside Ontario.
  • The first Canadian utility solar plant owned and operated by a municipality.
  • The first Canadian solar project supported by a mining company.
  • The first Electricity Purchase Agreement awarded under BC Hydro’s Standing Offer Program to a solar project.

The association is also pleased to recognize two deserving individuals for Lifetime Achievement Awards


Dr. Judith Sayers – Kekinusuqs: Kekinusuqs proved instrumental in the success of the Hupacasath First Nation’s China Creek Hydroelectric Project, which stands as a model for other First Nations to strive for. Kekinusuqs is committed to ensuring energy is produced sustainably, with minimal ecological impacts. She serves on several boards and committees, and volunteers time for nonprofits.


Ron Percival: For more than a decade Ron has helped create, shape, and influence policy and procedure to ensure a prosperous wind sector. As a pioneer wind developer, he led the successful permitting of the Dokie and Wartenbe projects. As a principal of Avro Wind Energy, he continues to advocate for the sector, serving as a voice of reason, sound judgement, and experience.




This year’s Generate Conference – “Think Bigger” – runs from November 1st- 4th, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency, Downtown Vancouver.


CEBC will be celebrating all of the winners at an Awards Dinner on Monday, November 2nd. To attend the festivities, please register at:


Congratulations to all of our winners for being outstanding representations of B.C.’s Clean Energy sector.

Paul Kariya
Executive Director
Clean Energy Association of BC


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